Winning Sailors from Boys Sports Company Felicitated

A ceremony was held to felicitate the sailors from the Boys Sports Company who won gold medals at the YAI Youth Nationals. The championship was held at the Madras Engineer Group or MEG center located at Bangalore. Commandant of the Madras Engineer Group and Brigadier TPS Wadhwa was the chief guest for the felicitation ceremony. He welcomed all the talented sailors from the Boys Sports Company and felicitated them.



Among the felicitated were Cadet Sikhansu Singh, Cadet Vijay Kumar, Cadet Mandeep, Cadet Gagan, and Cadet AK Pandey. All of them won gold medals at the recently concluded sailing competition. The talented sailors won gold medals in all the four categories in which they participated in the championship. The four categories in which they won gold are Laser 4.7, RS One, Optimist, and 29ER. The YAI Youth Nationals were held from 1st December to 7th December 2019.

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Seafra Guilfoyle and Ryan Seaton Who were at 19th Place Now Sailing 49er Gold Fleet in Palma

From the Yacht Club Ballyholme of Northern Ireland Ryan Seaton and from Yacht Club, Royal Cork Séafra Guilfoyle has been qualified for the 49er Gold fleet, the race will start in the morning of 5 of April. The result came out after they scored the strong fourth place yesterday in the afternoon, to put both sailors at 19th position overall.

After qualifying for the 49er Gold fleet, the pair said: “Some good and solid races we raced to qualify have set up us wonderfully for the gold fleet. However, our focus is still on the processes, though we are happy with things that are going on.”

Another result of Irish skiff from Rob Dickson of Howth and Tadhg Donnelly and Sean is present online.

After completion of another three qualifying races, the top fleet of 49er is tight. Stuart Bithell and Dylan Fletcher, who is the world champion GBR 2017 are now only one point clear of performing sailors Klaus Lange and Yago from Argentina. They are the last year winners.

Klaus Lange after completing the race said, “During crucial moments in the race, we are opted the right positions on the course that we find was apt. We both attended a good winter sailing training with squads of Austria that helped us in giving this remarkable performance. Now, we both are working as a team and have to for other races and we think we both are really strong.”

David Hussl and Benjamin Bildstein, who were training partners of Lange and Yogo in Austria training won two out of three races and are at the third position overall.  The world champions Mihovil Fantela and Sime from Croatia have climbed up and now at the fifth position with a 12pts overall.

2018 SSL Finals To Witness 25 Of The Top Line Up

The Bahamas is going to be the venue for the sailing battle of the year SSL (SAILORS SUPER LEAGUE) where the top 25 sailors from around the globe will compete with each other for their glory and the championship title. From veteran sailors to fresh minds, this year’s SSL yields no mercy on its level of competition. After the four days of qualification rounds, we are going to see the knockout rounds leading to the grand finale.

Croatian sailing crew Kontides and Stipanovic missed their Olympic gold by a short distance. They are surely looking up to SSL to clear up their mistakes and cover up the distance. Georgy Shayduko, a veteran sailor is no less competitive even though he is looking out for the young sailors. Maybe, he has intentions to show the young boats how to sail the veteran way. He was the Olympic silver medalist in the 1996 Russian Olympics. Gold winner Freddy Lööf will participate without his former crew Max Salminen. The crew change for the Brazilian legend Robert Scheidt may generate a difference in his sailing methodology. His former crew Prada is now crewing for the European champion Augie Diaz from the USA.
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The U.S. Youth Championships Witness Euphoria Of Sailors On Concluding Day

The speed of boats was mixed with finesse and patience and those who remain stuck to that witness success in the US youth championship. It proved as the key ingredients to victory for newly crowned and celebrated Youth Champs on 2018. This year the event 2018 U.S. Youth Sailing Championships was hosted by the Carolina Yacht Club and the championship concluded on Wednesday following the three days of racing from Wrightsville Beach, N.C.

On Wednesday, in-order to fit in the additional racing after the washed out on Tuesday, the race committee switched to the start time up to 10:00 am ET.
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Economic Impact Report For AC

As per the norms, after the America’s Cup was concluded this year in Bermuda, the team that won, team New Zealand as well as the Italian team have the responsibility to submit proposed guidelines for the upcoming version of the America’s Cup. There was a report submitted about how the proposals were coming along. As per a spokeswoman who spoke for the Cabinet body, there is a pending report to be submitted which will showcase the economic, environmental and social impact of the competition. Though the report was supposed to be submitted by mid October, that deadline has been exceeded and the committee hopes to submit it soon.


There is an independent appraisal has been done on these conditions that has been assigned to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Though responsibility for the report was assigned by the middle of July and was to be submitted by the end of October, it is yet to be submitted. The report is to be on the economic impact that the recently concluded America’s Cup has had which will combine social as well as economic effects. There was a dispute raised as to the global regatta affecting the island’s environment by the opposing political party in the region, the Progressive Labor Party which has now come to power. There have been overdue reported as by the transport ministry which is attributed to the overruns of the competition which has exceeded the allocated budget. Now that the report is delayed many are wondering why the delay is happening. Since the opposition party had raised this issue in order to discredit the international sailing competition event, why is the delay happening in submission of the report. It is hoped that the report will be submitted soon and all accusations and concerns can be put to rest so that the next sailing event can be planned.