Economic Impact Report For AC

As per the norms, after the America’s Cup was concluded this year in Bermuda, the team that won, team New Zealand as well as the Italian team have the responsibility to submit proposed guidelines for the upcoming version of the America’s Cup. There was a report submitted about how the proposals were coming along. As per a spokeswoman who spoke for the Cabinet body, there is a pending report to be submitted which will showcase the economic, environmental and social impact of the competition. Though the report was supposed to be submitted by mid October, that deadline has been exceeded and the committee hopes to submit it soon.


There is an independent appraisal has been done on these conditions that has been assigned to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Though responsibility for the report was assigned by the middle of July and was to be submitted by the end of October, it is yet to be submitted. The report is to be on the economic impact that the recently concluded America’s Cup has had which will combine social as well as economic effects. There was a dispute raised as to the global regatta affecting the island’s environment by the opposing political party in the region, the Progressive Labor Party which has now come to power. There have been overdue reported as by the transport ministry which is attributed to the overruns of the competition which has exceeded the allocated budget. Now that the report is delayed many are wondering why the delay is happening. Since the opposition party had raised this issue in order to discredit the international sailing competition event, why is the delay happening in submission of the report. It is hoped that the report will be submitted soon and all accusations and concerns can be put to rest so that the next sailing event can be planned.