International Masters Regatta

The International Masters Regatta is coming up from October 21st to 23rd in 2016 which is being organized by the San Diego Yacht Club. This international sailing race event is an invitation only event. It unites several master sailors all over the world.

There would be award winning participants like Bill Buchan, Peter Harken, Paul Elvstrom, Don Trask, Ron Holland, Lowell North and others. Even Malin Burnham, who gained the title of World Champion and has gained a position in the National Sailing Hall of Fame, would be part of the competition. He had skippered the team which won the event in 2015.

There would be 12 teams participating in this event, including Croatian Yacht Charter for the first time. There would be noted skippers like David Irish, Douglas Rastello, John Andron, Richard du Moulin, Chuck Nichols, Don Martin, Bob Fisher and others. Fisher would be returning to this event for the seventh time this year. He would be attending the event all the way from the UK as he feels that the opponents in this event will provide great companionship and would provide a competitiveness that he looks forward to experiencing.

The regatta for this year would have Tim Fuller as Co chair. He looks forward to the racing event as well. He states that the International Masters Regatta would be a special event and it would certainly be an honor as the event is considered special in the racing community. As there would be several great participants taking part in the event it would certainly be a competitive event to witness.

The regatta was originally started in 1975. The regatta used to sail from San Francisco Bay before it was moved to SDYC from the year 2012. The skippers who are invited to attend the event need to be over the age of 60 and crew members need to be over 45 years of age.