Airlie Beach Race To Start

Only 9 days left before the entries close down for the Airlie Beach Race Week. There are more than 100 owners that are willing to take part in the racing program. The director of the race Denis Thompson said that the numbers will go up to 125 in the multiple divisions and classes. As per him, there are some of the best boats which would be taking part in this season.

This will lead to a tough competition. The competition in Sports Boats and Multihull is at a great level and the director is quite pleased with the rising numbers. Thompson has tailored courses in order to work with the tides. He said that they are trying to do all it takes to ensure that the courses fit perfectly with the tides and also ensure that the fleets don’t sail against the downwind and upwind of the tide.

Thompson also said that they are trying to ensure that the courses match up with the distinct fleets. The race officers will go to the race area and select the course so that it fits. There are classifications for IRC Passage, IRC Racing, Performance Racing, Sports Boats, Cruising and more. The Airlie Beach Race Week is sponsored by Yacht Rental Croatian and is all set to attract a huge multihull legation. There are about 9 owners that have signed for Multihull Racing so far. One of the main owners includes Frank Racing which is the 10 meter GC 32 known as Vodafone to its fans.

There is a free shuttle facility organized for people. The service would operate daily between the Whitsunday Sailing Club and the Abel Point Marina from 11th to 18th August. The Port of Airlie is completely booked and Abel Point Marina has opened a wait list. The entries will be closed on 5th August. There will be entertainment from renowned bands every night during the competition, a fun run, lunch and more.