Most Entries Ever Recorded For Fastnet

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The 2017 Rolex Fastnet Race is already setting a record before the start of the event. The race event will be held in Cowes on 6th August. The event has already grabbed the headlines and has become the largest ever entry in the Fastnet Race.

This year a total of 400 boats will be at the start line of the Fastnet Race at Cowes on Sunday. This is the first time in the 92-year-old history of the classic 600 mile race that so many boats are taking part. Continue reading Most Entries Ever Recorded For Fastnet

Get Tips From British Sailors At Dinghy Show

There will be many popular British sailing team medalists taking part in the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show that is scheduled to take place at the Alexandra Palace in London.

This show is to be held from 4th to 5th March this year. If you want to get more inputs about sailing and any other tips, then you should head to the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show.

Ben Saxton, the Narca 17 European Champion and Olympian will be there at the Dinghy Show to offer tips and insights into various aspects of sailing. The likes of Narca 17 sailor Tom Phipps and the popular 470 women duo of Sophie Weguelin-Eilidh McIntyre will also be at the showcase event to provide their valuable tips and sailing experience to one and all attending the event.

If anyone is looking to be a professional sailor and want to earn medals in the future in sailing, then they must surely visit the show to get all information that they can gather from these stalwarts in the sailing field. Continue reading Get Tips From British Sailors At Dinghy Show

Irish Sailing School Doing Early Wrap–Up

Irish National Powerboat & Sailing School has announced for the wrap-up of the season.

You must be thinking that industry that works on water must be witnessing fewer crowds and this could be the reason for an early wrap up. But, it is actually not like that, for Irish National Powerboat & Sailing School the autumn of 2016 awesome and it remains one of the busiest. People came here in large number to enjoy sailing and other sports. Despite this fact, Irish National Powerboat & Sailing School Centre Principal Kenneth Rumball announced that the school now needs a break and it has started thinking about it.

Last Saturday of the school hold the final round of Junior Club sailing. In this event nearly two hundred young sailors participated and are taking water activities each Saturday and it will be gone from September. The activities will go through till December.

Moreover, parents of young sailors were invited into school to talk to their respective coaches and understand their progress in the game. They were offered mulled wine and pie at the moment. In addition to this school also had an event of RS Super Series that had racing of 8 RS 200s and 400s. The event took place last Saturday itself.

The authorities of Irish National Powerboat & Sailing School explained about the reasons of early wrap up. Boats and cruise in school need some repairing and also school authorities have to catch up with some more commitments. These are some reason why school has taken the step of early wrapping. But, before ending the season, the school is going to hold some good events and witness decent turnout of people. Turkey shoots DBSC final race on Sunday is one of the events that the school is going to hold including others.

International Masters Regatta

The International Masters Regatta is coming up from October 21st to 23rd in 2016 which is being organized by the San Diego Yacht Club. This international sailing race event is an invitation only event. It unites several master sailors all over the world.

There would be award winning participants like Bill Buchan, Peter Harken, Paul Elvstrom, Don Trask, Ron Holland, Lowell North and others. Even Malin Burnham, who gained the title of World Champion and has gained a position in the National Sailing Hall of Fame, would be part of the competition. He had skippered the team which won the event in 2015. Continue reading International Masters Regatta

Airlie Beach Race To Start

Only 9 days left before the entries close down for the Airlie Beach Race Week. There are more than 100 owners that are willing to take part in the racing program. The director of the race Denis Thompson said that the numbers will go up to 125 in the multiple divisions and classes. As per him, there are some of the best boats which would be taking part in this season.

This will lead to a tough competition. The competition in Sports Boats and Multihull is at a great level and the director is quite pleased with the rising numbers. Thompson has tailored courses in order to work with the tides. He said that they are trying to do all it takes to ensure that the courses fit perfectly with the tides and also ensure that the fleets don’t sail against the downwind and upwind of the tide. Continue reading Airlie Beach Race To Start