25 thoughts on “The New Wider 50meter 165 by Wider Yachts”

  1. All right Santa, you fat bastard, when i was a kid, I didn’t get the “Red
    Ryder” BB gun, or the Vroom Bike, or the GI Joe with the “Kung Fu Grip”. I
    want this and I’m not taking no for an answer. If you know what’s good for
    you and those smelly reindeer, you’ll get your fat ass busy.

  2. omg looks so amazing at night! i wish i had this :/ but imagine what if it
    broke like titanic 😀 everyone would be crying

  3. A stunning yacht for many reasons. The design and the versatility. Also
    admire that they are trying to have less impact on the environment.
    I love it.
    It is a winner all around.

  4. This is so attractive with strand craft!-I like the boat with water jet
    engine and the submarine.-What about amphibian dock for akoya or shearwater
    plane or icon A-5 or B&B Skycruiser?

  5. I like this with missile proof body,Supersonic Engine with Retractable
    Water Ski for accessing 3 digit knot speed with sailing jet engine.-It is
    my idea!
    I need to add AKOYA Amphibian.

  6. прикольно, но я лично предпочитаю дирижабли :)))

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