20 thoughts on “Mega Yachts”

  1. My dream is to either work my way to captain one of this yachts or to work
    my way up through a yacht selling business. I don’t know how to achieve
    this goal as my searches have turned up nothing or very little. If anyone
    has any information please contact me 

  2. It’s amazing how fast these boats are made. I do a lot of electrical work
    on these boats while they’re being made and we can get a boat from nothing
    to completely built in about 18 months. We built a 210 footer in 10 months.
    I also get to travel on these boats to their drop off point, usually in the
    gulf of mexico. It’s honestly amazing. 

  3. I don’t know who that is at 3:55 that they are calling George
    Nicholson….but it is certainly NOT George Nicholson LOL!

  4. A 200 meter concept contract. Wow. I doubt a 200 meter yacht would fit into
    the outer harbor, I don’t think Monaco harbor has a birth for a 200 meter

  5. We at congress have a yacht so we can serve you better by wining and dining
    spoiled brats who really run your American government. Buy now got a thing
    or a Yacht to buy :)

  6. *Luca Bassani is a very cool and almost humble guy given what he has done
    so far. Met him in Zürich once and it was a more than interesting chat.*

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