8 thoughts on “How To Oil Teak – First Mate Yacht Care”

  1. No! The product we are applying is being absorbed into the wood, rather
    than a varnish that is building up (filling the grain and then some).

  2. @dhammerindy We use Starbright Tropical Teak Sealer. you can order it from
    West Marine or Jamestown Distributors. It is not a true oil, which we don’t
    recommend, it is a sealer. The amount of applications is mainly governed by
    use and climate, but 2/yr is definitely recommended — that application is
    for this boat in Michigan. In Florida or elsewhere you are talking about a
    coat every 2-3 months. Do you take your patio set indoors in the winter?
    Where are you located?

  3. Sorry I didn’t see I had a reply to this. I live in Indiana. Are you
    supposed to bring the set in during the winter? I really don’t know where I
    would put it if that were the case.

  4. Keeping anything out of the elements will preserve it, especially in your
    and my northern climates. The chairs getting wet, freezing and unfreezing
    will not only shorten the lifetime of the sealer, but of the chairs. (But
    if you have to leave them outside, I’d put on an extra coat of sealer for
    the winter!)

  5. Thanks for the info. Tough thing about this kind of furniture is how in the
    world do you store it? The chairs don’t stack and the table doesn’t fold so
    you are looking at needing quite a bit of space for storage. I looked at
    furniture covers and they seem like an option except the base is still
    exposed to snow and ice. I might have to live with the future eating up
    half of my garage for the winter. Plus that gives me an opportunity to
    properly refinish it in the garage.

  6. What product name/brand are you using to oil the deck? Is doing this twice
    a year going to be normal no matter the quality of oil you use? I have a
    patio set that needs to be treated and I am wanting to do this right.
    Thanks in advance.

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