Cambria re-launched

United Kingdom’s Southampton Yacht Services has declared that the 41.15 meter long megayacht Cambria has been introduced, the procedure of which could be seen in a time lapse video on the internet. Made in the year 1928 by William Fife & Sons, the classic vessel has been going through her refit for most of the year.

Its works the replacement and reparation of around two-hundred of her planks, with significant work to her base. The yard stated that around seventy percent of the planks were fastidiously repaired in order to keep as much of the original yacht as much as possible.

Southampton Yacht

Speaking more about Cambria to a company that specialises in Yacht Rental in Greece, the yard, stated that extensive work like this on the hull and stem have also let the team to scrutinize the majority of the keel bolts (which are all original to the yacht) and execute non-destructive testing to check their integrity.

In addition, by removing the bilge area, all the tanks were inspected and hydraulics were updated, which is no mean feat on a wooden boat, actually made in the year 1928. After careful formulation with a thin sheathing applied, after that she had a band new paint job which would see this refit last for decades to come.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese shipyard Kha Shing Yacht Builder said that they have introduced the very first Hargrave 116 called Renaissance today. As the biggest yacht introduced by the yard in 2015, now Renaissance will go through her final outfitting leg followed by sea trials before she is taken to Florida ahead of Miami Boat Show in February in the coming year.